Discover the benefits of protection, simplicity, and reasonable rate of return** in retirement.

Secure Your Retirement Future

Looking to protect your hard-earned retirement savings? Want a guaranteed lifetime income* that cannot be outlived? Our simple approach helps retirees to secure their retirement future.

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About Honor Financial Group

With so many insurance and retirement professionals out there, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Our team offers a simple, clear strategy to protect your money for the long-term and provide a lifetime of income that cannot be outlived.

If your goals involve protecting your retirement savings and establishing an income you can count on, let’s connect.

We are dedicated to giving you options that help protect your wealth and your legacy. When it comes to your finances and your retirement, we work hard to help you secure your future. Our experience in this area and our passion for long-term protection and planning shine through in all we do.

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Why Clients Work With Our Firm

First, clients tell us they appreciate that we take the time to educate them on their options. Throughout the year, we offer multiple educational sessions for you to learn more. These events are at no cost to you and often include a complimentary dinner as well. NO products will be sold at the event and there is no obligation to make a follow up appointment. In addition, we don’t try to be “all things to all people.” Instead, we provide a clear path to safety, simplicity, and a reasonable rate of return** in retirement. We believe in helping our clients to first have a solid retirement foundation.

Our Clients Expect Us To

Put Safety First
Offer Reasonable Rate of Return**
Keep It Simple

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“Safe Strategies for Retirement”

A Complimentary Gourmet Dinner and informational seminar and insurance presentation

One way we help retirees prepare for retirement is to offer complimentary educational seminars. At these events, you can enjoy a gourmet meal while you learn important options for your retirement. In addition, we offer online events to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

NO products will be sold at the event and there is no obligation to make a follow up appointment.

Secure Your
Retirement Future

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Learn more at one of our upcoming “Understanding Different Retirement Strategies” dinner seminar or online webinar events. Contact us to reserve your live or virtual seat today.

Our 3 Core Principles

  1. Safety First
  2. Keep It Simple
  3. Reasonable Rate of Return**

Get Educated

Is it possible to protect your retirement savings from market loss? Can you really get a reasonable rate of return** and safety of principal? Attend one of our educational seminars to find out.

An Alternative To Market Volatility

It’s no secret that the stock market has highs and lows. It is also no secret that the market offers no guarantees to protect your money. So, what happens to your retirement plans if your account drops along with the market? Could your savings recover from a loss in the markets?

We help clients learn alternatives to watching the markets rise and fall. Using various products such as certain fixed index annuities or indexed universal life insurance, we can help you keep your retirement savings safe. In addition, our methods help you gain potential index interest yet protect your principal.

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Attend an upcoming seminar or webinar.

Or simply call us to learn more. We’re here to help find the right retirement strategy for you.

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